Academy Crop

Equipment at Academy

For All the NSCAD Community

Here at Academy we have a wide variety of equipment with something to appeal to every praxis at NSCAD.  Students often make the mistake of thinking they need to take classes at Academy to get equipment from here - This is not the case!

DV Tape
G95 Square Crop

Booking Equipment

Our bookings are all done through this website and require a logon to do this.  You use your standard NSCAD credentials to log in, and you will be greeted with the usage agreement at that time.  Basically:

  • Bring stuff back on time, others may need it!
  • Book for any time in the semester, planning ahead is great!
  • Book for maximum 24 hrs unless you have already consulted with the techs about a longer loan
  • Bring stuff back on time, others may need it!
  • We charge late fees, bring stuff back on time ;)

Online bookings

You will need to log in to book equipment!