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Renia Stappas

Hey, I'm Renia! I am a technician here at the Port Campus. I can assist you with your general tech support needs, including help with printing, Port Campus event support and software support, such as Kaltura and Teams. If you are having any technology issues in your classroom, I will troubleshoot and help make sure your equipment is working properly. I also prepare the computers on this campus, and work hard to make sure that each room has the software it needs.

See me for: Classroom & Lab Support, Port Campus Event Support, General Troubleshooting, Printing Help

Room P228
902.494.8120 / / Teams Chat

A bit about me: I love cast iron skillets, gardening and cooking. I dabble in 3D printing, cheer for the Ottawa Senators and my favorite movies are food movies, horror thrillers and those Hallmark movies.