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As NSCAD is moving away from the Kaltura platform please use this set of step-by-step instructions to download your Kaltura media. Please see the video below on how to upload video and captions files to you Brightspace courses. 



Student Help Resources
Instructor/Staff Help Resources
  • To request a course sandbox, please email your request to
  • Sandboxes facilitate hands-on experience, allowing instructors to test, develop and refine their online courses. Please note that Brightspace Sandbox courses are empty course shells that only instructors can access, and can be copied over to other course shells.  


How to login to your NSCAD Padlet account
This short video will show you how to access and login to your NSCAD Padlet account. 


Padlet Help site

Microsoft Teams

Create a Teams Meeting Invite
This video will demonstrate how to create a Teams meeting by inviting individuals and/or channels, how to edit and cancel meetings and set meeting options such as presenter roles and lobby restrictions.

Teams Device Settings
In this video you will be shown how to set your Camera, Microphone and Speakers. You will also learn how to make a test call to ensure that everything is working.

In Meeting Tools
From the chat and participants panels, to raising your hand and creating breakout rooms, this video will supply a brief intro to the In Meeting tools within Teams.

Screen Share Options
This video will explain how to share your screen, whether it be sharing all the contents on your monitor, a specific window, or an app like Miro or PowerPoint.

Record a Teams Meeting
This demo explains how the type of meeting you create will dictate where the recordings are stored. You will also see how presenters and attendees have different access to recording a meeting.

Sign Language View
Sign Language View provides users with the ability to prioritize signers on their screens. When Sign Language View is enabled, the prioritized video streams appear at the right aspect ratio and at the highest available quality. You can enable Sign Language View either on the fly during a meeting or as a setting that persists across all your calls. More Info

Live Captions
Teams can detect what’s said in a meeting and present real-time captions. If you're using the desktop app for Windows or Mac, there are also several caption customization options. More Info

Add Captions, Chapters and Details to Videos
Add captions and transcripts to your video, as well as chapters and description text. 

Embed Channel Meeting Recording in Brightspace Post
This video will show where a Teams Channel Recording is located and how to embed this video into a Brightspace post. More info.

Add a Video Link to Brightspace from One Drive or Teams/Sharepoint
If you have recordings or uploaded videos stored on your personal OneDrive or on Teams/Sharepoint, you can create links to the content. These links can be added to Brightspace and if needed, have permission settings added.

Meeting Whiteboard
The whiteboard in Microsoft Teams allows you to collaborate in a meeting with notes, images, videos and annotations. For more information, visit Whiteboard Help & Learning.

Miro App in Teams
In this video you will learn how to add the Miro App to Microsoft Teams. More Info

Breakout Rooms - this is an older video, but will be updated. Many of the concepts are still accurate.
Although we are updating this video, this demo explains how to overall concept of Break Out Rooms works in Teams.


LC Teams chat: LC support
Brightspace chat: Support desk

Brightspace System Check (run the link to make sure your computer is all set for Brightspace)
Kaltura Quick System Check (run the link to make sure your computer is all set for Kaltura)

NSCAD password manager:
(here you can test your password, update or generate a new password)
tip! resetting your password can help solve most login issues

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Brightspace login: (use your NSCAD email login to access)
Padlet login: (use your NSCAD email login to access)

Padlet Help video

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