Project Base Loans Agreement - Requesting Research Gear

So you want to access some of the research equipment available at the tech office?  It has to be first approved by admin!  Please download and fill in the PDF attached to this post.  In addition the form requires a short proposal to to be provided by faculty, student or staff who will be accessing the facility, taking the equipment from the equipment store OR off-campus. The proposal does not need to be long but should include: 
1. A timeframe and details on location is to be provided  
2. Information on how and what the equipment will be used for,  



Nathan and CHris wish you a happy statutory Easter Holiday this weekend !

The equipment room will be closed Friday April 18 and MOnday April 22nd.

All bookings that may have been due back on MOnday April 21 are now due back by noon on Tuesday unless otherwise arranged.

Cásca sásta !


File Upload: 

PSA: Export for Parklane Screening Info

DO NOT EXPORT YOUR FILM WITH COLOUR BARS OR 2-POP.  Exports need to be playlist ready - export *just* your sequence without cruft.  If you have a 1Khz tone at the start of your film I will delete it from the playlist.

All files should be put on the ParkLane labeled hard drive that I left in A107.  If it's not on that drive Monday morning, it won't be test screened.


NSCAD Admin Strike Info

(please see attached PDF for official formatting, this is a copy + paste for convenience)

Dear members of the NSCAD community:

I am writing to inform you that NSCAD has received official notice of the Faculty Union’s intention to strike (FUNSCAD, Unit I). Notice is required 48 hours in advance of a work stoppage. This means that the Union will be in a legal strike position on Thursday, February 28 at approximately 4:00 p.m. The Union has advised us that they plan to take strike action starting at 8:30 a.m. on Friday March 1, 2019.