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NSCAD Learning Commons

What the heck is a Learning Common, anyway

At NSCAD this is an umbrella term that encompases many general service areas which tie closely into classroom support and infrastructure access.  Think smart classrooms, computer labs, and general access equipment.  Highly specialized program areas generally maintain their own spaces and are not part of the Learning Commons.  Some program areas like Expanded Media, Photo and Film have large overlaps with the LC because of their ability to share space and equipment with more general users. 


Academy concentrates on media production - film and video work, expanded media, electronics, digital presentation, and supporting production infrastructure.   

2 sound rooms

1 Smart classroom

1 Screening room

1 Large studio

2 Computer labs

1 Animation Studio


Photo can be found on 3rd floor Fountain Campus.

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Fountain LC

Fountain LC <description>

Port LC

Port LC description here.