PSA: Deliverables for Thesis

To finalize your Thesis year, and recieve the final balance on your bursary, you must provide the following:

1. Archive Copy

  • Collected Premiere Pro Project.


2. Screener (Park Lane Screener okay)

  • As per screener instructions (2 files, stereo and 5.1)


3. Preview Copy

  • HD - H.264 Stereo Quicktime (Vimeo 1080 preset in media encoder)
  • 4k - Use Vimeo 2160p 4K Ultra HD preset.  You may adjust resolution to match your timeline if you did not finish in 16:9


4. Trailer

  • 4k - Prores 422 (not HQ)
  • HD - H.264 Stereo Quicktime (Vimeo 1080 preset in media encoder)


5. Promotional Materials

  • Production Stills

> At least 10 high quality production stills. 

  • Poster
  • Press Releases
  • Shooting Script (PDF and Final Draft format)

These materials should be organized in folders as the numbered headings in a master folder using the following naming scheme:  2019-PROJECTNAME-DIRECTOR.

Film II projects are encouraged to also provide archives of work, but this is not a requirement of your class.


Materials should be delivered to the 2019 archive drive in the Tech Office.