Project Base Loans Agreement - Requesting Research Gear

So you want to access some of the research equipment available at the tech office?  It has to be first approved by admin!  Please download and fill in the PDF attached to this post.  In addition the form requires a short proposal to to be provided by faculty, student or staff who will be accessing the facility, taking the equipment from the equipment store OR off-campus. The proposal does not need to be long but should include: 
1. A timeframe and details on location is to be provided  
2. Information on how and what the equipment will be used for,  
3. logistical information like storage, transportation and maintenance.  
4. When location or climatic conditions may damage the equipment-- as has occurred recently. Part of the proposal should respond to  to recommendations provided by technicians on mitigating risk of damage to equipment. 

Please include the completed PDF along with the above in a plain text email and forward the request to  Nathan or Annik will give technician approval and pass on to admin for final approval.  Please note that the PDF is a fillable document - you do not need to print it and fill it manually.